Writing Tips for Budding Romance Authors

I have gotten many writing “how to” questions over the years, and one that pops up more often than most is related to seeing an idea from start to finish.

This seems to plague many erotic romance writers, as I’ve heard again and again that once the hot sex scene is written, everything else feels bland. So how do I keep going? And related note, how do I keep from being distracted during all these naughty scenes?

Truthfully… I don’t see every project from beginning to end, and I have definitely gotten distracted by research in the middle of a naughty scene. My search history is filled with sex-position related inquiries, sex toy reviews, and straight-up porn. I happen to be a person obsessed with details, and I hate a sex scene to seem impossible. We’ve all read the anatomically incorrect love scenes. How is he kneeling and kissing her feet while touching her breasts?

I’m not a perfect writer, but here are my tips, quick and painless.

1. Outline your plan.
I don’t necessarily mean college essay style outlining. You may not need topic sentences and bullet-points and a three point essay outline. Just decide what is going to happen and what order, then jot that down. Sometimes my outlines are several rambling paragraphs. Any bit of organization is better than NO plan or organization.

2. Time your “research” breaks.

Don’t get lost in the rabbit hole. I use my phone to set a count-down timer if I think I need to research something that is likely to distract me. Sometimes I’m looking for the perfect picture to stare at to describe a hero’s tousled hair, and I end up on youtube watching a makeup tutorial. My alarm saves me from myself.

3. Take advantage of “Do Not Disturb” mode.
My phone automatically enters “DND” mode when I place it face down. Only alarms and texts from my husband make my phone alert me. I think most phones have this, so check yours out. If you are busy answering texts and checking out every twitter alert and FB chime, you aren’t doing your writing!

4. Have fun!

I’m biased here but I think writing romance is the best thing in the world. Creating couples and bringing them together (even if I torment them in the middle sometimes) is an awesome feeling. If you take away nothing else, take away this advice:

Never forget why you want to write your story.


Quick and easy writing tips for new romance authors!

Quick and easy writing tips for new romance authors!

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