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Protected: Night Wolves Bonus Epilogue: Sarka

Have you followed the Night Wolves journey from the start? Join Kyra, Mikos, Sierra, Viktor, Sky, and Kalle once more!

Suited only for those dedicated readers who have read Night Wolves 1-6 in total—this bonus epilogue closes the chapter on the Sarka pack <3

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Protected: Night Cravings

Maya Johnson wants what any wolf shifter wants.

A mate. Unfortunately, being small, clumsy, and carrying the reputation as the little sister to her entire pack stands in the way.

When she breaks the rules and meets August Moore in the woods, his companionship awakens desires in Maya that she’d long tucked away. August doesn’t see her as a little sister, and it’s clear he prefers Maya when she embraces her inner rebel.

Trouble is, bad wolves aren’t good pack. Somehow, Maya and August need to return to the straight path or risk being forever torn apart by pack law.

Night Cravings is a standalone novella not intended for distribution. It is an exclusive gift to subscribers of the Godiva Glenn newsletter.

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Protected: One Sweet Night

Night Born introduces a handful of side characters, and I thought I’d share a little something about one couple in particular, Laurel and Peter. This short story is why I came up with the bonus page, actually. It’s too short to publish and I only wanted to share it with readers who would know the significance of it.

Unlike most lupine couples, Laurel and Peter have a more “traditional” structure to their relationship. Did you ever wonder why or how it came to be? Did you catch that Kyra and the rest of the pack frown upon Laurel’s obedience to the quiet, confident Peter? Now you’ll get to see how these two personalities found each other.

This story is short, sweet, and set roughly one year before the events of Night Born. One Sweet Night is only available to read online here.

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