Shifted Hearts

Sizzling shifter romances that span the galaxy come together in the Shifted Hearts series, which includes Celestial Soul Mates, Inc and the S.P.I.R.I.T. agents

Fae Mated

(Shifted Hearts #1)

They might be meant for each other, but they’re worlds apart … literally

Who knew that saving a fae duke’s life could earn you a one-way ticket to another planet? Brooke Donovan certainly didn’t. But that’s exactly what happens when she rescues one from a speeding car. Now, not only does she have to learn how to be a member of the royal court and acclimate to life on a magical new planet, but she must also deal with her overwhelming attraction to the duke—a man who fully intends to return to Earth, leaving Brooke galaxies away.

Duke Kerren Aodhan of Weylan Barrows never intended to return home. He’d been bored there for far too long and was ready to start fresh on Earth. But his near-death experience changed everything. Now obligated to help Brooke settle into her new life, Kerren has to return to his home on Sidera Luminis—at least temporarily. The return unearths more unseen obstacles, however. Mainly, can he keep his growing feelings for her from trapping him on his home world forever?

Circumstances seem determined to keep them apart, but fate (and an eccentric matchmaker named Euphrasie Hudson) has other ideas.

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Royally Mated

(Shifted Hearts #2)

One Curvy Fae + Three Primal Dragon Shifters = Sparks and Flames Flying

Fianni has been looking for love for a while, but for this aspect of Harmony, it’s surprisingly hard to find. After ending a relationship going nowhere, she consults Celestial Soulmates Inc, and is connected with one of their love experts.

Lucky for Fianni, they have just the match in mind.

Liam is the shifter king of Nova Solara, and he rules along with his council, Rask and Arron. These three men aren’t just drop-dead sexy, they’re alpha dragons who happen to be busy fighting each other when they aren’t fighting everyone else.

As Fianni finds herself in the middle of a rising insurrection, she discovers that the dragons have to find a single mate or they’ll lose the crown.

With so much on the line, she has to wonder: Do they want true love? Or is she their royal compromise?

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Dryad Mated

(Shifted Hearts #3)

Princess Alethea is drowning in the expectations of her throne. Frustrated by the constant pressure to conform and the inability to find true love, she yearns for a life beyond the gilded cage. Day in and day out she’s pressured to changing everything about herself, and to top it off, she can’t find a man worthy of her love—let alone her father’s approval.

Enter Blair, a rare male dryad from Prism, seeking more than the typical forest fling. His desire for genuine connection leads him to the Celestial Soul Mates service and a once-in-a-lifetime chance at freedom. The catch? He can never return to Prism.

As sparks fly between Alethea and Blair, they must navigate the treacherous waters of royal duty and tradition. With a deadline looming over Blair’s newfound freedom, they face a battle against time and a kingdom’s rules. Will their love defy the odds, or will Alethea’s happily-ever-after remain a dream?

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Fire Mated

(Shifted Hearts #4)

Chell, fearless leader of the Blue Mountain clan, doesn’t bow to adversity—especially not when she’s reclaimed her position after a cunning coup. Now atop the throne where she belongs, her focus shifts to securing her bloodline, which demands finding a mate.

Unexpectedly, fate throws her a curveball in the form of two irresistibly hot human firefighters. While the scorching chemistry between them grows undeniable, Chell’s world demands more than a human companion—her clan needs the strength of a shifter.

As emotions ignite and passion blazes, a ghost from Chell’s past rekindles an old flame, throwing their romantic trio into disarray. Amidst the sizzling love affairs, treachery lurks in the shadows, threatening to shatter everything.

In a world where danger is as common as desire, Chell must navigate love, betrayal, and a fiery past to ensure the survival of her clan. Get ready for a wild ride as this bear takes charge, extinguishing fires and kicking ass in the name of love.

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Sealed and Mated

(Shifted Hearts #5)

It’s complicated being a selkie.

Annika’s just found the most incredible guy in the world. The problem? He’s a human.

Falling for a human is taboo for selkies. She knows the tales; He’ll become obsessed, he’ll steal her magical selkie skin and make her human, she’ll spend the rest of her life missing the water…

She’s determined to figure it out, but her ex gets in the way and takes the matter into his own hands.

Complicated just got chaotic, and she’s torn between choices she’d rather avoid. How does she make it work with her nearly drowned new lover? What should she do about her murderous ex? And how does her amazingly loyal best friend fit in?

One reckless decision leads to wave after wave of issues. Deep down, she knows what she wants. But is it in her fate to have it?

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Shift Mated

(Shifted Hearts #6)

What do you do when your one true soulmate becomes three?

Carmen was ready for love, and thanks to the Celestial Souls matchmakers, she’s on her way to reaching it. That is, until her future mate disappears.

In her search to find him, Carmen winds up kidnapped, trapped in space, and forced to undergo painful treatments designed to change her very DNA.

She’s only supposed to have one mate. It seems science may have awakened more. While she recovers from her time as a prisoner, she’s pressured to make a choice.

Her options?

Pierce, a rising fighter in the Arcturus Champions League; Coy, a smart-ass with wanderlust; and Nathan, the average sweet guy next door.

The only thing they have in common is being stolen from Earth to be lab rats under a deranged scientist obsessed with shifters. By the end of their torturous ordeal, they’ll be bound through something much deeper.

Carmen’s heart is torn, but she can’t avoid the inevitable. Which of the shifters pursuing her is her true soul mate?


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