Reading List by Series

Reading List by Series

Godiva Glenn series by alphabetical order. Standalones are at the end of the list.

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Night Wolves

Night Revelations
Night Wolves, Book 1
January, 2018
ebook, print
Night Born
Night Wolves, Book 2
April, 2019
ebook, print
Night Surrender
Night Wolves, Book 3
May, 2019
ebook, print
Night Wolves Volume One
Night Wolves Books 1-3
June, 2021
Night Caught
Night Wolves, Book 4
June, 2019
ebook, print
Night Cravings
Night Wolves, Book 4.5
February, 2021
Night Forgiven
Night Wolves, Book 5
March, 2021
ebook, print
Night Stolen
Night Wolves, Book 6
November, 2021
ebook, print
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Monsters After Dark* October, 2021
ebook, print
Supernatural Delights August, 2017
Wickedly in Love January, 2018
*Monsters After Dark is a limited run anthology which will be unavailable after October 2023