Wickedly In Love

Slip back in time, back to the era of magic and true love to witness three classic fairy tales undergo steamy makeovers.

Wickedly in Love combines modern romance with the whimsy of “once upon a time,” complete with domineering alpha males and feisty heroines. The love is deep, and the endings are happy and everlasting.

This collection includes: The Three Bears, Cinderella, and The Gingerbread Man

Re-imagined, spiced up, and over-the-top in all the best ways!


More Information

Fairytales retold with a paranormal twist!

The Three Bears becomes Aurelia’s Three Bears with hunk bear shifters

Cinderella becomes Stripped of Ashes, a sweet BDSM story

Gingerbread Man becomes Ginger Bared, a tale of chasing, catching, and capturing

Though each story has a happy ending, this collection teeters between erotica and romance.


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Content Warnings

  • Dubcon
  • Explicit, rough sex
  • Spanking
  • Bondage