Saphrielle’s Fall

Greek gods clash with angels and demons in this scorching mythological romance

Once, I was god of the Underworld.
Now I am a cursed lord overseeing hell.

When she falls, she awakens me.
Her purity and innocence sings to me.
The darkest thoughts obsess me. I long to twist and enthrall her.

Gone are the lights of heaven, and I am trapped in a barren land of despair.
Memories of my fall assail me, but I cling to my future.
My dream is to be human and taste the world worth falling for.

My captor may be my hero. He may even be the key to my desires.
But I can’t trust him, and I can’t remain with him.

Saphrielle’s Fall is book one in an epic journey from Hell to Heaven, Underworld to Olympus.



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Release Date: Fall 2023


Content Warnings

  • Graphic violence
  • Sexual assault (on page)
  • Explicit, rough sex
  • Dubious consent
  • Sharing (in the sexual sense)
  • Degradation
  • Emotional and psychological manipulation
  • Religious themes which some may find offensive

Series Info

Divine Darkness is an epic dark romance tale of lust, discovery, and growth featuring fallen angel Saphrielle and god of the Underworld Hades.