Night Born

A stubborn wolf. An antiquated betrothal.
Some rules are made to be broken.

Kyra Brada would be the epitome of lupine royalty… if she were able to shift. Countless times she stood beneath a full moon and waited for a transformation that never came. But time is running out, if she can’t find a way to summon her wolf soon, she’ll be banished from the pack and forced to leave the love of her life, Mikos, behind.

While Kyra strives to take her place as his mate, she begins to fear her feelings are unrequited. With his steadfast dedication to the pack, she doubts he would stand with her if they forced her out. When a near-fatal attack leaves Kyra clinging to life, she’s forced to reevaluate her priorities.

After dutifully following the ways of the pack, is it time for Kyra to plant the flag of rebellion and rise up in the fight of her life?

Night Born is also available in Night Wolves: Volume One – Save by purchasing the set!


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Content Warnings

  • Light violence
  • Prejudicial situations
  • Explicit, rough sex
  • Knotting

Series Info

Night Wolves is a sizzling PNR series featuring wolf shifter alpha males and strong heroines in a secluded rural setting with pack dynamics.

Follow diverse couples on their adventures as they embrace their wild sides, navigate ancient traditions, and overcome every obstacle to find true love.

Featuring werewolf-like fun with knotting, biting, and claws. Prepare for fur against skin passion.

The Night Wolves books are all connected but can be read in any order.

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