Monsters After Dark


Heat. Claws. Teeth.
They rake over your body and draw you in.
There is no one here but you and them; only their breath on your neck and your pulse throbbing in your veins.
They creep from the shadows, from the darkest of dreams. They are here to take. Conquer. Claim.
You know what they are, and terror seizes your breath.
But you open yourself to the monsters.
And you let them in.

Ten exceedingly sexy short romances that will give you goosebumps in all the right places.

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More Information

Reticent Desire Publications and the monster-loving readers’ group, Monsters, Demons & Knotting, Oh My! is thrilled to present this limited-edition anthology featuring steamy encounters with creatures both paranormal and alien.
Our guys may be monsters—but this Halloween, your heart won’t be all they’ll eat….


  • Isoellen
  • Ophelia Bell
  • Nora Ash
  • L.V. Lane
  • Leann Ryans
  • Godiva Glenn
  • Leslie Chase
  • V.T. Bonds
  • Merel Pierce
  • Cass Alex


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Release Date: October 26, 2021

Limited Release until October 26, 2023

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Series Info

The Monsters, Demons, and Knotting, Oh My! (aka MDK) anthology is a companion release to the facebook group of the same name.

All MDK anthologies are limited release in both eBook and print form.

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