Fire Mated

(Shifted Hearts #4)

Chell, fearless leader of the Blue Mountain clan, doesn’t bow to adversity—especially not when she’s reclaimed her position after a cunning coup. Now atop the throne where she belongs, her focus shifts to securing her bloodline, which demands finding a mate.

Unexpectedly, fate throws her a curveball in the form of two irresistibly hot human firefighters. While the scorching chemistry between them grows undeniable, Chell’s world demands more than a human companion—her clan needs the strength of a shifter.

As emotions ignite and passion blazes, a ghost from Chell’s past rekindles an old flame, throwing their romantic trio into disarray. Amidst the sizzling love affairs, treachery lurks in the shadows, threatening to shatter everything.

In a world where danger is as common as desire, Chell must navigate love, betrayal, and a fiery past to ensure the survival of her clan. Get ready for a wild ride as this bear takes charge, extinguishing fires and kicking ass in the name of love.


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Content Warnings

  • Explicit Sex

Series Info

Shifted Hearts is a steamy paranormal romance series featuring shifters, fae, and witches. This collection includes matchmakers from Celestial Souls Inc (A shared concept with Ophelia Bell) and S.P.I.R.I.T. agents.

These stories can be enjoyed individually but are best read in series order.