A Royal Pain

(Signed Paperback)

Alethea Spiros is the crown princess of Lutheyis Island, and absolutely tired of it. Day in and day out she’s pressured to changing everything about herself, and to top it off, she can’t find a man worthy of her love and her father’s approval.

Blair is one of the few male dryads on Prism, but few is still too many when a single male can pollinate an entire acre of females. He’d rather have true love and someone to hold, which is definitely not a typical dryad arrangement.

Through the help of some friends, he is granted a rare opportunity of freedom with a steep cost—he can never return to Prism. Longing for a soul mate, he reaches out to none other than legendary matchmaker Gerri Wilder.

Blair is strange, sexy, and sweet—but that doesn’t matter to the King. For Alethea to keep Blair close, they have to overcome years of rules and obligations. Blaire’s freedom has a deadline, but if it’s the last thing he does, he wants to prove to Alethea that she’s not a dysfunctional princess. Sometimes, being royal can be more than just a Royal Pain.

*NOTE – A Royal Pain (Otherworld Shifters #3) has been unpublished by MTWorlds Press. The author has made slight changes and plans to republish this work as Royally Mated (Shifted Hearts #3), coming soon.

This book is an unpublished edition. Once the author’s stock is depleted, it is gone. These paperbacks ship directly from the author and will ship separate of any merchandise unless otherwise noted.

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