Pet Peeves AKA Things You Won’t Find In a Godiva Glenn Story

No, this isn’t a rant. I just thought it would be fun to discuss the decisions I make in my writing process and how I came by them. It won’t be a frequent blog topic, and I won’t drag them overly long. I’d prefer to keep it fun here!

My first pet peeve is when the lead female character refers to herself or her actions as slutty when around her HEA partner.


Karen looked over Mario with lusty eyes, recalling how they’d made love the night before. I’m such a slut, Karen thought, I should be ashamed.

Mark kissed the back of Taylor’s neck, making her tingle with arousal. It didn’t take much for him to get her wet, and she was embarrassed by her slutty reaction.

I’m not the slut-shaming type. It’s not an uncommon kink to enjoy or tolerate being called names during sex, and I’m fully aware of that. The above examples are of the characters judging themselves for having a sexual reaction to the person they are supposed to be sexually attracted to. Sadly, this happens often in romance, and I can’t fathom why. I’ll be damned if I ever apologize for being turned on by my husband. Ladies, be aroused by the men you love. It’s going to be all right.


Your Romance Heroine Shouldn't Do This...

Your Romance Heroine Shouldn’t Do This… Pet peeves I won’t write

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