Night Wolves

Night Wolves is a sizzling PNR series featuring wolf shifter alpha males and strong heroines in a secluded rural setting with pack dynamics. Follow diverse couples on their adventures as they embrace their wild sides, navigate ancient traditions, and overcome every obstacle to find true love.

Night Revelations

She just found her pack, but now she may have to leave it.

Charlotte is new to the lupine life, having been raised in the human world. She’s still learning her place as a wolf shifter and a member of the Bronze pack.

Everyone has a task within the pack, and Charlotte is eager to find her path. As if that isn’t complicated enough, she finds herself longing for romance.

Just when she thinks she’s found a direction, news arrives that may lead to her long-lost family. Somewhere out there, are her parents looking for her?

And if she finds them, will she be ready to leave the pack that took her in? And what of the love she’s found along the way?

Night Revelations is also available in Night Wolves: Volume One – Save by purchasing the set!

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Night Born

A stubborn wolf. An antiquated betrothal.
Some rules are made to be broken.

Kyra Brada would be the epitome of lupine royalty… if she were able to shift. Countless times she stood beneath a full moon and waited for a transformation that never came. But time is running out, if she can’t find a way to summon her wolf soon, she’ll be banished from the pack and forced to leave the love of her life, Mikos, behind.

While Kyra strives to take her place as his mate, she begins to fear her feelings are unrequited. With his steadfast dedication to the pack, she doubts he would stand with her if they forced her out. When a near-fatal attack leaves Kyra clinging to life, she’s forced to reevaluate her priorities.

After dutifully following the ways of the pack, is it time for Kyra to plant the flag of rebellion and rise up in the fight of her life?

Night Born is also available in Night Wolves: Volume One – Save by purchasing the set!

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Protected: One Sweet Night

Night Born introduces a handful of side characters, and I thought I’d share a little something about one couple in particular, Laurel and Peter. This short story is why I came up with the bonus page, actually. It’s too short to publish and I only wanted to share it with readers who would know the significance of it.

Unlike most lupine couples, Laurel and Peter have a more “traditional” structure to their relationship. Did you ever wonder why or how it came to be? Did you catch that Kyra and the rest of the pack frown upon Laurel’s obedience to the quiet, confident Peter? Now you’ll get to see how these two personalities found each other.

This story is short, sweet, and set roughly one year before the events of Night Born. One Sweet Night is only available to read online here.

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Night Surrender

Lone wolves aren’t satisfied wolves.

This is a lesson Wyatt has learned the hard way. After pissing off his would-be mate and picking a fight—and losing—to his friend and mentor, Wyatt takes off. He throws himself into his mission, running between the many lupine packs scattered through the States, solving problems and offering assistance where he can.

But he keeps going back to where it all went wrong. A little city where he found his true self, and hated what was revealed. Except now, every time he visits he’s drawn closer to the charms of a human woman named Nancy.

She’s everything he doesn’t need. I mean hell, she’s human. He needs a spirited wolf to keep him interested. She’s just a bookkeeper who likes museums and art.

So why can’t he leave her alone?

Night Surrender is also available in Night Wolves: Volume One – Save by purchasing the set!

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Night Wolves – Volume One

Books 1 – 3

Outside the hustle and bustle of the human world, exist the lupine. These wolf shifters live and die by their own laws. Of course, they love by them as well. Experience the thrill, the danger, and the passion of these mysterious packs.

• Night Revelations – Newly discovered lupine Charlotte is searching for her lost family when her heart becomes entangled between two charming alpha males.
• Night Born – Kyra would be pack royalty if only she could shift. If she can’t find her wolf soon, she’ll lose everything important to her, including the love of her life.
• Night Surrender – Nancy is living her simple human life until she realizes that she’s formed an attachment to someone who isn’t human at all.

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Night Caught

How crazy does a wolf have to be to fall for his captor?

Kalle was raised to be an alpha. The leader of the pack. Unfortunately, that’s not how his life played out. Instead, he’s a marked outcast. The scars on his back showcase his dishonor and no other pack will trust him. Solitude is a death sentence, not that he’s giving in that easy.

Still, maybe it’s fitting when he heads to town looking for a one-night-stand and leaves the bar with a woman with a secret. Maybe fate meant for him to wind up drugged, collared, and being led to a lab to be tortured and experimented on. Maybe that’s what he gets for “betraying” his pack.

But then again, Sky isn’t just any woman, and her secret isn’t one even the ancestors could have foreseen. The mystery of her past could endanger every supernatural being, and that’s not the only crazy discovery. Because somewhere between trying to survive and trying to kill each other, other emotions have surfaced. Emotions that take them for a dangerous ride down an unfathomable path.

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Protected: Night Cravings

Maya Johnson wants what any wolf shifter wants.

A mate. Unfortunately, being small, clumsy, and carrying the reputation as the little sister to her entire pack stands in the way.

When she breaks the rules and meets August Moore in the woods, his companionship awakens desires in Maya that she’d long tucked away. August doesn’t see her as a little sister, and it’s clear he prefers Maya when she embraces her inner rebel.

Trouble is, bad wolves aren’t good pack. Somehow, Maya and August need to return to the straight path or risk being forever torn apart by pack law.

Night Cravings is a standalone novella not intended for distribution. It is an exclusive gift to subscribers of the Godiva Glenn newsletter.

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Night Forgiven

Sierra’s a wolf on the verge of losing it all.

In the past year she lost her brother, her status within the pack, and all hope of the future she’d fought for. Now she’s got one last chance to right her wrongs and avoid exile, and his name is Viktor Fekete.

Viktor’s the next in line to lead within the pack, and he’s tasked to help Sierra prove herself before her time is up. Things backfire when their clashing tempers become sparks of chemistry, however. It’s one mistake too many, and Sierra faces a harsh truth.

She’s chaos walking, and she’s tearing apart the lives around her. Can she atone for her past selfishness and find forgiveness from the ones she’s hurt? Or is she doomed to be a reckless lone wolf?

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Night Stolen

Nearly twenty years ago, Ruby was stolen from her pack by an alpha who saw her as the key to his power.

Now she’s free, but freedom comes with its own problems.

Her old pack comes calling, and they aren’t the sort of visitors that come bearing gifts. They bring danger, threats, and for whatever reason, Ash.

To quell the tension between her old alpha and her new one, Ruby volunteers to go with Ash on a mission to find information about lupine being hunted. Working together leads to more discoveries between themselves than anything else, however, when Ruby’s honed defenses prove flimsy against Ash’s charm and persistence.

The last thing she needs is to play with a younger lover, especially when lupine are going missing.

With too many questions and mysteries floating around her, will Ruby find the balance between her lupine loyalties and her own free will? Her heart has been broken before, and now she’s protecting her very spirit.

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Protected: Night Wolves Bonus Epilogue: Sarka

Have you followed the Night Wolves journey from the start? Join Kyra, Mikos, Sierra, Viktor, Sky, and Kalle once more!

Suited only for those dedicated readers who have read Night Wolves 1-6 in total—this bonus epilogue closes the chapter on the Sarka pack <3

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