Night Wolves Changes

I’m super excited to announce that the entire Night Wolves series has gotten a facelift!

Changes will be going live on retailers over the next week, but you can look at the books page to view the gorgeous new covers that more closely reflect the sexy heroes inside.

Could we have a moment to drool over the amazingness that is Damon?? –>

These covers are just one of a few new things. Night Forgiven is up for pre-order right now, of course, and Night Cravings is up in the Bonus Room, and to top off the amazing wolfy goodness, Night Revelations is now permanently free!

This is an expanded version which now includes Night Discovered, which was previously available as a pre-quel to the series. If you’ve already read Night Revelations, now is a great time to share it with your friends and get them started on the Night Wolves adventure!

I hope these updates get you excited! I’m already working on the next adventure, Night Stolen. It’s too early to spill the beans on the couple, but you’ll probably be able to guess after you read Night Forgiven.

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