Night Forgiven – Now Available

Now Available – Night Forgiven

Thank you lovelies for sticking with me through this. I really tore my hair out working on this particular story, and I’m on pins and needles to see if I pulled it off! Night Forgiven takes the scene back and gives Sierra’s version of the events of Night Born.

Even if you hated Viktor and/or Sierra, please give it a chance ❤️


Sierra often contemplated power in different applications and understandings. All lupine had a hidden reservoir of strength, one that for the most part went untapped. She always assumed hers was deep and acted accordingly.

Having Viktor growling against her mouth made her aware of a different sort of power, and it seemed more important than any other kind. Since she’d met him, Viktor had been more statue than male, a physical manifestation of quiet, unmoving lupine expectations. Pride filled her to have melted down his resolute exterior and exposed this raw side of him.
She scratched her nails down the front of his chest and took hold of his belt. “Viktor.”

His eyes snapped open to the sound of his name and his throat rumbled. She stared at him, willing her thoughts to him. Willing her absolute need to him. She saw the debate raging in his dark eyes. He continued to knead her back, his hands slipping beneath her shirt to touch her bare skin. If they were caught, it was over for her. She knew this, but the thrumming ache of her body drowned out her sense of reason.

She yanked his belt loose. The clink of the metal as it moved to one side thrilled her, enticing her to continue forward.

Viktor hissed as she tugged down his zipper and he caught her hands in his, staying her for the moment. She worried he’d stop her—walk away, perhaps. Instead he took hold of her arms again to guide her across the way, backing her roughly against the counter.

He shoved her flimsy pajama pants down and yanked her underwear off with a menacing growl. The sharp sting of fabric tearing from her body made her flinch, and before she’d even recovered, he’d hefted her bare bottom onto the counter and pulled her forward.


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