So Much Love in the Air!

I have some news!

On Valentine’s day (February 14) I will be participating in Ophelia Bell’s Valentines Discovery. Yes, I did this last year too, and got a chance to chat with some of you guys. It was awesome, so I’m glad to be joining Ophelia once again.

If you aren’t familiar with a Facebook event like this (also known as a Takeover) here’s the scoop:

You show up at the designated event time. The authors each have scheduled time slots, and during their slot, they run the event. They’ll be there to engage with any readers present. You can chat it up, ask questions, and each author will probably have games to play to encourage interaction. I’ve made a game just for this event, “What’s Your Cutesy Name?” so definitely pop by for that!

I will be giving away 3 free ebooks and my newest standalone release, Wickedly in Love will be on sale for $.99 throughout Feb 14th and 15th 💖

Are you excited? Join me and 11 other fabulous romance authors! Chat with us, ask questions, and enter to win many free ebooks, as well as a chance to win a Kindle Fire!

My time slot is 10 am (PST) so I hope to see you there! Please share this event with your friends and give them a chance to win too! And if you haven’t already, check out Ophelia Bell. She’s an amazing author who writes the sexiest dragons you’ll ever meet, and she’s so freaking sweet!

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