Let’s Try This Again – Royally Screwed

It’s storytime. If you don’t follow me on Facebook, you may not know this one.

In April Royally Screwed was released as part of Milly Taiden’s PDA Kindle World and it did AMAZING. It was topping the KW charts, and sat at #2 in the Fantasy genre for a week, and was in the top 5 for most of that month.

Then on May 15th, Amazon announced they were removing the Kindle World program. All books were immediately removed from KU (Kindle Unlimited) and we were told that June 16th all books would be unpublished.

I was devastated, as were many authors. Luckily, Milly Taiden didn’t want everything to fall apart. She took a plunge and formed a publisher, MTW Press, and set about saving our books. We had the choice to join with her and keep wriing in the PDA world or take our rights and re-publish without the PDA details. Either way, our books weren’t going to limbo. I choose to stick around. It hasn’t been easy, and her team worked incredibly hard. Our books relaunched June 20 and Amazon managed to bork things well. Some of the books still aren’t up, some are missing covers, etc.

But a sliver of happiness comes with Royally Screwed being 100% back! The story hasn’t changed but the book is now in KU and available internationally, as opposed to the KW version which was only available in the US.


Royally Screwed: Paranormal Dating Agency (Otherworld Shifters 1)

And it gets better! I have more adventures planned, with the next one coming soon, Aug 3. Stay tuned for that release, which features three to-die-for sexy dragon shifters.

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