Divine Darkness

Divine Darkness is a series still in the making. Do you like the divine side of magic? Explore dark romance themes with Greek gods, angels, demons, and more. Join the main cast of Hades, god of the underworld and current ruler of hell, and Saphrielle, a fallen angel.

Works in progress:

Saphrielle’s Fall

  • The first novella in the series. Hades, former ruler of the underworld, and current ruler of hell, is lonely and bored. Years of trying to maintain civility and accord in a world of demons has left him bitter and cruel, though he tries to hang on to the god he once was. At a time when he has almost given up hope, an angel falls. Saphrielle. Finding her leads Hades to evaluate himself and what he’s come to expect of hell. She could be his salvation, or he could be her ruin.

Beloved Ensnared (tentative title)

  • A spin-off from the main series. Ares and Aphrodite have been through many trials in their relationship, and now that Olympus has fallen they no longer have to be ashamed of their love. However, distance from their world of magic has weakened Aphrodite substantially. She is forgetting herself and her love and is slipping into chaos. With no allies, Ares is willing to go to hell and back to restore the goddess he loves. And if there is no remedy, and she can’t remember their love, he’ll do whatever it takes to stir her passion anew.