Demons Incoming!

Last year, I wrote Monster of Her Dreams, a short story that was part of the Monsters After Dark anthology.

It was a beyond steamy erotic demon romance that allowed me to stretch my creativity in new ways. It got great reviews, and I know many of you loved my demon lore as much as you love my wolves.

What you may not know is that it was always my plan to write demons, and I’ve had a full demon universe worked out for years. However, plot-wise, my demons come after the angels and Greek gods series (tentatively titled Divine Darkness) that I’ve mentioned before. That series got put on hold after my cover artist bailed on me.

Essentially, the events of the Divine Darkness series creates the entire demon universe of Pandǝmonium. I’m not going to make everyone wait on my demons, though. I’ve got two more demon shorts being released in anthologies later this year, so with three total short stories, you’ll have a good intro into the series! A full length novel will come next year and it’s already being written.

When Divine Darkness comes out, I promise it’ll be worth the wait! It tracks an epic, torturous love affair between Hades and a fallen angel–Definitely not something you’ll want to miss. Don’t worry, I will make sure that everything makes sense whether you read Pandǝmonium first or not.

If you aren’t into anthologies, don’t worry. I will have rights to all of the short stories within about a year and a half and at that time I will decide how to keep them available to you!

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