Supernatural Delights

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Title: Supernatural DelightsRelease Date: October 21, 2016
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When partygoers - both supernatural and human -- convene at an epic All Hallow's Eve rager the consequences are divine. The drinks are flowing and naughty (or knotty) magic is in the air. 
Gabe is hoping for a fling to forget his ex, but he’s not exactly prepared for the most magic-infused night of the year. How is a human supposed to impress a girl when there are fairies in the mix? 
Werewolf Aaron is looking for the perfect pair of breasts, and sultry vamp Elissa… well, she’s there for a chance to bang Aaron. 
What they find is nearly more than each of them can handle. A little wild, a lot of magic, and the perfect dash of love. 
Werewolves, fairies, humans, and a lone vampire grace this wild Halloween tale. Ready for something different?

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