Once More, With Dragons

Series: Otherworld Shifters #7
Title: Once More, With DragonsRelease Date: November 20, 2020
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Demyan, Leo, and Myron have spent their lives underground and secluded as part of a dragon shifter race thought long extinct. One thing can make them sneak out from the safety of their clan, risk exposure after hundreds of years in secrecy, and head into the unknown—the chance at finding their one. They seek the mate that will complete the spiritual bond formed at their births.

Mara is the “all work and no play” type, but when she kicks back, she knows what she wants: Strong drinks, tasty food, and watching shifters compete in fighting tournaments. 

Then a night of fun is derailed when she catches the scent she knows to be her mate's. Its trail leads her into the hands of a mischievous paranormal matchmaker. For the sake of finding her soul mate, Mara’s pride is forced to take a back seat as she begs the matchmaker for help.

Too bad that help guides her onto a path as surprising as it is confusing.

Everything is changing, and nothing is as expected. What compromises will they make to entwine their four paths into one?

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