Night Surrender

Series: Night Wolves #3
Title: Night SurrenderRelease Date: May 18, 2019
Genre: ,

A lone wolf can't be tamed...

Loneliness is a hard lesson Wyatt has been forced to learn after burning bridges between his would-be mate and mentor. Desperate to redeem himself, he throws himself into his job as a runner; traveling between packs to offer assistance where he could.

But try as he might, he can't outrun the sins of his past that keep luring him back to where it all went wrong. In a small town in the middle of nowhere, Wyatt discovered a side of himself he never knew existed. One he wishes he could forget. Yet time and again, he's drawn back... to the charms of Nancy, the human his body longs for.

Holding onto his antiquated belief that a human-lupine pairing could never work, Wyatt feels he needs a spirited wolf to keep him interested. After all, humans are a known danger to the paranormal community, and lack the ability to carry on the bloodline. Even so, he can't get Nancy out of his head. Will Wyatt continue to stand in the way of his own happiness? Or will the rogue wolf learn that love doesn't always look as you expect it to?

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