Night Stolen

Series: Night Wolves #6
Title: Night StolenRelease Date: November 15, 2021
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Nearly twenty years ago, Ruby was stolen from her pack by an alpha who saw her as the key to his power.

Now she’s free, but freedom comes with its own problems.

Her old pack comes calling, and they aren’t the sort of visitors that come bearing gifts. They bring danger, threats, and for whatever reason, Ash.

To quell the tension between her old alpha and her new one, Ruby volunteers to go with Ash on a mission to find information about lupine being hunted. Working together leads to more discoveries between themselves than anything else, however, when Ruby’s honed defenses prove flimsy against Ash’s charm and persistence.

The last thing she needs is to play with a younger lover, especially when lupine are going missing.

With too many questions and mysteries floating around her, will Ruby find the balance between her lupine loyalties and her own free will? Her heart has been broken before, and now she’s protecting her very spirit.

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