Night Revelations

Night Revelations by Godiva GlennSeries: Night Wolves #2
Release Date: January 15, 2018
Genre: , ,

Let me free. Let me find. No longer content with waiting on the sidelines, her wolf prowled and pressed, feeling like a vibration under her skin.

Separated from her family as a baby, Charlotte is still settling into her new werewolf pack after a sizzling first encounter with the elusive Damon—an alpha male with a rebellious lupine side and a motorcycle to match. Sadly, it seems his interest has waned. In comes Wyatt, and with his attentive manner and gentlemanly manner, he thrusts Charlotte into moments of clarity and sexual revelation.

Two wolves. One lonely female. Together they will search for her family, but finding them means she'll have to choose between her needs, her desires, and her pack.


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