Night Caught

Series: Night Wolves #4
Release Date: June 25, 2019
Genre: ,

How crazy does a wolf have to be to fall for his captor?

Kalle was raised to be an alpha. The leader of the pack. Unfortunately, that’s not how his life played out. Instead, he’s a marked outcast. The scars on his back showcase his dishonor and no other pack will trust him. Solitude is a death sentence, not that he’s giving in that easy.

Still, maybe it’s fitting when he heads to town looking for a one-night-stand and leaves the bar with a woman with a secret.
Maybe fate meant for him to wind up drugged, collared, and being led to a lab to be tortured and experimented on.
Maybe that’s what he gets for “betraying” his pack.

But then again, Sky isn’t just any woman, and her secret isn’t one even the ancestors could have foreseen. The mystery of her past could endanger every supernatural being, and that’s not the only crazy discovery. Because somewhere between trying to survive and trying to kill each other, other emotions have surfaced. Emotions that take them for a dangerous ride down an unfathomable path.

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