Wickedly in Love: Naughty Fairy Tales

Slip back in time, back to the era of magic and true love to witness three classic fairy tales undergo steamy makeovers. Wickedly in Love combines modern romance with the whimsy of “once upon a time,” complete with domineering alpha males and feisty heroines. The love is deep, and the endings are happy and everlasting.

This collection includes: The Three Bears, Cinderella, and The Gingerbread Man

Re-imagined, spiced up, and over-the-top in all the best ways!

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The Royal Trilogy: Otherworld Shifters 1-3

Otherworld Shifters Books 1-3

This bundle is bursting with confident women with curves and hot men who love them.
Three kingdoms.
Three perfectly orchestrated dating schemes.
Three scorching stories filled with sexy shifters, wild magic, fae politics, and more.

The Royal Trilogy consists of the first three books of the Otherworld Shifters series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but together weave the background tapestry of the entire series to come. Meet the whimsical fae of Prism, the reluctant royals of Earth, and the primal shifters of Nova Solara.

Included in this collection:

Royally Screwed
Their Royal Compromise
A Royal Pain + a Bonus Short Story

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Sealed Fate

Sealed Fate

It's complicated being a selkie.

Annika's just found the most incredible guy in the world. The problem? He's a human.

Falling for a human is taboo for selkies. She knows the tales; He'll become obsessed, he'll steal her magical selkie skin and make her human, she'll spend the rest of her life missing the water...

She's determined to figure it out, but her ex gets in the way and takes the matter into his own hands.

Complicated just got chaotic, and she's torn between choices she'd rather avoid. How does she make it work with her nearly drowned boyfriend? What should she do about her murderous ex? And how does her amazingly loyal best friend fit in?

One reckless decision leads to wave after wave of issues. Deep down, she knows what she wants. But is it in her fate to have it?

Sealed Fate is a standalone reverse harem paranormal fantasy romance. Expect a magical, emotional roller coaster overflowing with steam.

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Tough Shift

Tough Shift by Godiva Glenn - Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance

What do you do when your one true soulmate becomes three?

Carmen was ready for love, and thanks to infamous matchmaker Gerri Wilder, she’s on her way to reaching it. That is, until her future mate disappears.

In her search to find him, Carmen winds up kidnapped, trapped in space, and forced to undergo painful treatments designed to change her very DNA.

She’s only supposed to have one mate. It seems science may have awakened more. While she recovers from her time as a prisoner, she’s pressured to make a choice.

Her options?

Pierce, a rising fighter in the Aurora Champions League; Coy, a smart-ass with wanderlust; and Nathan, the average sweet guy next door.

The only thing they have in common is being stolen from Earth to be lab rats under a deranged scientist obsessed with shifters. By the end of their torturous ordeal, they’ll be bound through something much deeper.

Carmen’s heart is torn, but she can't avoid the inevitable. Which of the shifters pursuing her is her true soul mate?

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Once More, With Dragons

Demyan, Leo, and Myron have spent their lives underground and secluded as part of a dragon shifter race thought long extinct. One thing can make them sneak out from the safety of their clan, risk exposure after hundreds of years in secrecy, and head into the unknown—the chance at finding their one. They seek the mate that will complete the spiritual bond formed at their births.

Mara is the “all work and no play” type, but when she kicks back, she knows what she wants: Strong drinks, tasty food, and watching shifters compete in fighting tournaments. 

Then a night of fun is derailed when she catches the scent she knows to be her mate's. Its trail leads her into the hands of a mischievous paranormal matchmaker. For the sake of finding her soul mate, Mara’s pride is forced to take a back seat as she begs the matchmaker for help.

Too bad that help guides her onto a path as surprising as it is confusing.

Everything is changing, and nothing is as expected. What compromises will they make to entwine their four paths into one?

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