Godiva Glenn

Author of Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi & Omegaverse Romance

Godiva Glenn is a nocturnal being, much like vampires and cats. She specializes in weaving paranormal romance fiction that transports readers into enchanting worlds where love and the supernatural collide. Her catalog spans shifters, fae, demons, and more.

She grew up surrounded by books thanks to her grandfather, an avid reader himself. Through weekly trips to the library, she devoured books, from adventures in babysitting to worlds of magical knights and powerful queens. However, it wasn’t until she read her first romance novel in her early twenties that her creative spirit caught fire. She realized that she absolutely needed to give life to her own characters and worlds, and she embarked on a journey to become an author.

She finds inspiration in the vast mythology of supernatural beings and how they possess an undeniable allure to us mere mortals. She writes with this in mind and wants readers to find it easy to suspend their disbelief and fully immerse themselves in her stories.

Wolf shifters are her favorite paranormal topic, and her longest-running series is Night Wolves, a steamy series of wolves, witches, and more. Writing paranormal romance such as Night Wolves allows her to explore the complexities of human emotions against the backdrop of extraordinary circumstances and juxtapose the mundane to the magical. A perfect example of this is in Night Revelations, where the heroine grew up thinking she was unwanted and a monster but finds new family within an accepting pack.

Godiva has recently taken to the stars with her Second-Chance Omegas, which is a sci-fi omegaverse romance series, and also writes historical romance as Evangeline Gold.

No matter the name or genre, she strives to portray love, desire, sacrifice, and personal growth, all while immersing readers in lush worlds filled with wonder. She hopes that each book she writes provides an escape from reality.