2022 Changes

You may have already heard the news. As of September 29, all of the books I’d had published through MTWorlds Press were removed from publication (though some may still be up since some retailers are slow to update). The books in question are my Otherworld Shifters series (PDA) and Otherworld Agents (FPU). This was Milly Taiden’s choice, which I fully respect and understand. It was a lot of work for her and unfortunately, keeping her world open wasn’t feasible forever.

Some of you have already contacted me about these books. I still have some print copies on hand, and I’m going to make them available for purchase on my website in an upcoming update. As for re-uploading the ebooks, it will be done in time.

I will have to scrub Milly’s intellectual property from them, and also change the titles and commission all new covers. While I’m at it I’ll be updating any mistakes I was aware of and rewriting sections that I felt weren’t up to par. Some books will get a steam upgrade 😉 Unfortunately, I can make no promise of how long this will take.

I am very sorry if you wished to have this collection in its original form, and I realize this change is a total shock to many. We authors weren’t informed until after the decision had been made and the books removed. I don’t say this to blame anyone or complain, I only mention it in case you feel I have let you down.

I am thankful for having the chance to write in Milly’s world. I met some amazing authors while I was part of the press.

I will keep you up-to-date on these books, promise!

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