Night Discovered

Everyone loves werewolves, right? A feral alpha male who can hardly control his need to make you his?

While I toiled over perfecting the sequel to Supernatural Delights, I began to wonder about the other werewolf clans. The ones spread across the U.S. within the world I’d created. They aren’t all the same. They don’t follow the same rules or motivation. They are existing in a world where they are a myth, but feared.

From that curiosity, the second tier of my paranormal world blossomed. This series is Night Wolves, and will begin with the short story Night Discovered.

eBook cover for Godiva Glenn's alpha male PNR romance Night Discovered, a wolf shifter tale #1

This is a short story romance. Damon is a wolf who knows what he wants. Charlotte is a woman who doesn’t understand her inner wolf. The chemistry between them absolutely sizzles, and one night won’t be enough. But don’t worry, their story will continue on. This is just a literal beginning. If you love the magic of the moon and wild shifter hormones, join my mailing list and get sneak peeks at their future. Maybe you’ll get to beta read!

Winter slump? Not here.

January is about to get sizzling. My end-of-summer erotica piece Beach House Benefits (formerly “Windows”) is here to melt the snow and warm the toes.

Check my twitter for a tiny glimpse inside.

Now the fun part…

Cover reveal!



To be released January 26, 2017… pre-order link coming soon.

Stay toasty 😉

Club Coil: Exposure now available for pre-order!

I know it’s been a while since I first placed this one as ‘coming soon’ but I think it was worth the wait. The Club aka Exposure was transformed into Club Coil: Exposure because I plan on revisiting the club from time to time in the future. While revising, I realized there was just too much potential to spend only one night there 😉

So here we go!

Coil is supposed to be the hottest club around, so Alexis tags along for a night of dancing and drinking, and hopefully some fun. Unfortunately, before she can even relax, she runs into her ex, Elliot. She thinks he wants to talk, but behind the velvet rope to the V.I.P. area she gets more than the awkward conversation she expected. Instead, she discovers exactly what makes Coil so hot.

Pre-order it now on Amazon!