Night Discovered

Everyone loves werewolves, right? A feral alpha male who can hardly control his need to make you his? While I toiled over perfecting the sequel to Supernatural Delights, I began to wonder about the other werewolf clans. The ones spread across the U.S. within the world I'd created. They aren't all the same. They don't … Continue reading Night Discovered

Winter slump? Not here.

January is about to get sizzling. My end-of-summer erotica piece Beach House Benefits (formerly "Windows") is here to melt the snow and warm the toes. Check my twitter for a tiny glimpse inside. Now the fun part... Cover reveal!   To be released January 26, 2017... pre-order link coming soon. Stay toasty 😉

Club Coil: Exposure now available for pre-order!

I know it's been a while since I first placed this one as 'coming soon' but I think it was worth the wait. The Club aka Exposure was transformed into Club Coil: Exposure because I plan on revisiting the club from time to time in the future. While revising, I realized there was just too much potential … Continue reading Club Coil: Exposure now available for pre-order!