Winter slump? Not here.

January is about to get sizzling. My end-of-summer erotica piece Beach House Benefits (formerly "Windows") is here to melt the snow and warm the toes. Check my twitter for a tiny glimpse inside. Now the fun part... Cover reveal!   To be released January 26, 2017... pre-order link coming soon. Stay toasty 😉

Club Coil: Exposure is now live

Coil is supposed to be the hottest club around, so Alexis tags along for a night of dancing and drinking, and hopefully some fun. Unfortunately, before she can even relax, she runs into her ex, Elliot. She thinks he wants to talk, but behind the velvet rope to the V.I.P. area she gets more than … Continue reading Club Coil: Exposure is now live

Club Coil: Exposure now available for pre-order!

I know it's been a while since I first placed this one as 'coming soon' but I think it was worth the wait. The Club aka Exposure was transformed into Club Coil: Exposure because I plan on revisiting the club from time to time in the future. While revising, I realized there was just too much potential … Continue reading Club Coil: Exposure now available for pre-order!

What’s up next!

"Elliot." She licked her lips. Her mouth felt dry and suddenly she couldn't remember what she wanted to say. He dipped down and captured her mouth. He tasted like whiskey, and she licked and sucked the warm flavor from his tongue while the voice in the back of her head, the one screaming "danger!" faded … Continue reading What’s up next!

Wedding Antics is now Live

Ava was only looking for a drink but instead, meets a persistent suitor. She's only in town for the weekend of her friend's wedding, so she's got nothing to lose. No names, no strings, and very few limits on the fun. Ava and her stranger are in for a wild ride. Wedding Antics, the first … Continue reading Wedding Antics is now Live