Public Pleasures

The second collection of the Naughty Night-Reading series is here! Three more sexy short stories, introducing a few new faces and continuing the adventures of some familiar ones.

Truth or Dare

* Ksenia’s vacation to Vegas starts off with the worst string of text messages ever. Dumped and confused, she relies on her cousin to lift her spirits. And lifted is exactly what she gets – Max picks her up and carries her off as a prize. Was she wrong to say “dare?”

Adventures Outdoors – Guys & Tents

* Michelle’s camping trip turns into the wet dream she never had, all thanks to the appearance of a city-boy named Bryce. He’s hot, he’s sweet, but something mischievous lurks in his eyes. Michelle aims to find out his secrets, but when she learns them, can she handle dark side? She’s used to controlling the situation, but she’s met her match. He turns the tables on her, leaving her begging for more.

Flings Between Friends

* Theresa and Ryan have been best-friends since middle school, but last summer they had a crazy moment that turned them into friends-with-benefits. They’ve continued their naughty fun, sneaking secret sex on a regular basis, but Tess isn’t sure she can keep things up. She might want more from Ryan, and that’s not part of the deal. A party with their friends brings new information to light, and soon Tess is caught in a lusty whirlwind. What exactly is Ryan offering? And why does she get wet just from his pout?

Now available at Amazon, Nook, iBooks, and soon, Kobo.

Hot Starts – The first Naughty Collection

This starter collection includes the first three short stories from the Naughty Night-Reading erotica for women series.

Wedding Antics

*All Ava wants is a top-shelf martini but instead she gets a no-strings, no-names bedroom adventure that leaves her begging for more.
Now with extended ending only available in this bundle!

Club Coil: Exposure

*Alexis is in a sexless rut since she broke up with Elliot. When she runs into him at a hot nightclub she expects uncomfortable silence or strained conversation, but he doesn’t want to talk. He’s a man of action.

Beach House Benefits

*Tess is ready to call the summer over and leave her fun-filled vacation, but before she can leave the beach house she gets startling news. Next thing she knows, she’s trapped between her boyfriend and best-friend in a crazy turn of events.

Available now on Amazon.

Beach House Benefits now available

Tess and her friends have gathered for their annual summer party week at the beach house, but this year something different is in the air. Her boyfriend is acting strange, and her best friend even stranger.

All this girl wants is chill friends, warm sand, beer, and to get laid. Is some drama-free time away from work and responsibilities too much to ask?

Grab it now on Amazon 

Club Coil: Exposure is now live

Coil is supposed to be the hottest club around, so Alexis tags along for a night of dancing and drinking, and hopefully some fun. Unfortunately, before she can even relax, she runs into her ex, Elliot. She thinks he wants to talk, but behind the velvet rope to the V.I.P. area she gets more than the awkward conversation she expected. Instead, she discovers exactly what makes Coil so hot.

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And other wonderful news:

Katie Lewington did an interview with me on her blog, and that was released today as well. Swing by to get a little personal with me, and show Katie some love.

Supernatural Delights now available

One epic All Hallow’s Eve rager captures the attention of a delightful cast of partygoers both supernatural and human with divine consequences. The drinks are flowing and naughty (or knotty) magic is in the air.
Gabe is hoping for a fling to forget his ex, Aaron is looking for the perfect pair of breasts, and Elissa… well, Elissa is there for a chance to bang Aaron.
What they find is nearly more than each of them can handle.
Werewolves, fairies, humans, and a lone vampire grace this erotic Halloween tale. Ready for something different?

Ridiculously fun to write, this Naughty Special Edition is a step from the ordinary. Unlike the rest of my Naughty Night-Reads, this cast is only here for one hot book. Grab it from Amazon.