So Much Love in the Air!

I have some news! On Valentine's day (February 14) I will be participating in Ophelia Bell's Valentines Discovery. Yes, I did this last year too, and got a chance to chat with some of you guys. It was awesome, so I'm glad to be joining Ophelia once again. If you aren't familiar with a Facebook event … Continue reading So Much Love in the Air!

Night Discovered

Everyone loves werewolves, right? A feral alpha male who can hardly control his need to make you his? While I toiled over perfecting the sequel to Supernatural Delights, I began to wonder about the other werewolf clans. The ones spread across the U.S. within the world I'd created. They aren't all the same. They don't … Continue reading Night Discovered

Beach House Benefits now available

Tess and her friends have gathered for their annual summer party week at the beach house, but this year something different is in the air. Her boyfriend is acting strange, and her best friend even stranger. All this girl wants is chill friends, warm sand, beer, and to get laid. Is some drama-free time away … Continue reading Beach House Benefits now available

Club Coil: Exposure is now live

Coil is supposed to be the hottest club around, so Alexis tags along for a night of dancing and drinking, and hopefully some fun. Unfortunately, before she can even relax, she runs into her ex, Elliot. She thinks he wants to talk, but behind the velvet rope to the V.I.P. area she gets more than … Continue reading Club Coil: Exposure is now live

Supernatural Delights now available

  One epic All Hallow's Eve rager captures the attention of a delightful cast of partygoers both supernatural and human with divine consequences. The drinks are flowing and naughty (or knotty) magic is in the air. Gabe is hoping for a fling to forget his ex, Aaron is looking for the perfect pair of breasts, … Continue reading Supernatural Delights now available