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Night Discovered

Everyone loves werewolves, right? A feral alpha male who can hardly control his need to make you his?

While I toiled over perfecting the sequel to Supernatural Delights, I began to wonder about the other werewolf clans. The ones spread across the U.S. within the world I’d created. They aren’t all the same. They don’t follow the same rules or motivation. They are existing in a world where they are a myth, but feared.

From that curiosity, the second tier of my paranormal world blossomed. This series is Night Wolves, and will begin with the short story Night Discovered.

eBook cover for Godiva Glenn's alpha male PNR romance Night Discovered, a wolf shifter tale #1

This is a short story romance. Damon is a wolf who knows what he wants. Charlotte is a woman who doesn’t understand her inner wolf. The chemistry between them absolutely sizzles, and one night won’t be enough. But don’t worry, their story will continue on. This is just a literal beginning. If you love the magic of the moon and wild shifter hormones, join my mailing list and get sneak peeks at their future. Maybe you’ll get to beta read!

Public Pleasures

The second collection of the Naughty Night-Reading series is here! Three more sexy short stories, introducing a few new faces and continuing the adventures of some familiar ones.

Truth or Dare

* Ksenia’s vacation to Vegas starts off with the worst string of text messages ever. Dumped and confused, she relies on her cousin to lift her spirits. And lifted is exactly what she gets – Max picks her up and carries her off as a prize. Was she wrong to say “dare?”

Adventures Outdoors – Guys & Tents

* Michelle’s camping trip turns into the wet dream she never had, all thanks to the appearance of a city-boy named Bryce. He’s hot, he’s sweet, but something mischievous lurks in his eyes. Michelle aims to find out his secrets, but when she learns them, can she handle dark side? She’s used to controlling the situation, but she’s met her match. He turns the tables on her, leaving her begging for more.

Flings Between Friends

* Theresa and Ryan have been best-friends since middle school, but last summer they had a crazy moment that turned them into friends-with-benefits. They’ve continued their naughty fun, sneaking secret sex on a regular basis, but Tess isn’t sure she can keep things up. She might want more from Ryan, and that’s not part of the deal. A party with their friends brings new information to light, and soon Tess is caught in a lusty whirlwind. What exactly is Ryan offering? And why does she get wet just from his pout?

Now available at Amazon, Nook, iBooks, and soon, Kobo.

An Honest Chat, Updates & Thanks

I had a wonderful time during the Valentines Discovery event on Facebook and would like to thank all the great readers I met. I look forward to holding my own giveaways and events in the future. Maybe more fun games and questions, since they drew a positive response. Make sure to like my Facebook author page ( for updates there.

The purpose of the blog on this site is primarily updates, but for a moment I’ll be a bit more candid. One of the most frequent questions asked of writers is why. I’d like to go ahead and answer that, and explain the upcoming changes to my short story releases in the process.

Plenty of romance fans don’t just read for the love. They read for the sex. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Most of my writing up until recently was in longer lengths. 10k was the shortest story I’d ever written. Then I got the idea to go shorter and simpler. Hookups. Flings. But most importantly, fun fantasies. The naughty thoughts we have when we see a cute stranger and think “What if?”

I wrote a handful of short stories and shared them with a small group of readers as a test, and they were a hit. That was the quick and easy birth of the Naughty Night-Reading series.

When I first began revising, I had intended to release the stories three to four at a time, in collections. Being new to publishing, I asked many questions and sought advice on my strategy. The discussions I participated in led me to releasing each short story alone as well as in a collection, something many writers do.

But to be honest, I don’t like that decision.

My stories are quick and wild. We all have preferences, kinks, loves, and hates. The Naughty Night-Reading series was designed to cover a variety of interests, so in bundles of three or four, I’d hope any reader would enjoy them all, even if they only obsessed over half of them.

Furthermore, it’s a series. Characters will reappear, connections will reveal themselves, and relationships can develop over time. I personally love cameos, and by spreading stories out instead of making them novels, there’s less reader downtime;¬†while you wait for more on Ava, enjoy a wicked rendezvous with her cousin Ksenia.

I know the struggle for readers who may have limited reading time, or simply want to know that if they commit to reading for a half hour, they’re going to find a steamy sex scene or two. Or more. *wink*

Which is why from here on out, all of my series stories will be bundled into collections. More bang for your buck, literally, in the dirtiest sense of the term.

So once again, why do I do this?

I write because I love to write, and I love exploring sexuality as something that shouldn’t be shrouded in shame.

I share my writing because I know I’m not alone in having naughty thoughts about my hot friends or that fine guy standing next to me in the grocery line.

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Writing news – Saphrielle’s Fall

Absolutely thrilled to announce that I’ve finished nitpicking the outline for the second half of Saphrielle’s Fall. Within the next few weeks it’ll go from a novella to a full novel. I’ve already gotten two new chapters written. This will be the first work I offer out to beta readers! If you’d be interested, join the Naughty Newsletter and keep up with its status.
Saphrielle’s Fall will be the first novel in the “Fallen” series. It will be the main series under my Divine Darkness writing project.